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May 18, 2024

Exciting things are happening around our college this term as students dive into activities that blend technology, creativity, and collaboration.

In Year 6, the Tinker Club has taken off, offering students a space to explore technology in playful and inventive ways. From crafting stop-motion movies to experimenting with the new Green Screen and Makey Makey circuits, students are unleashing their imagination while honing their technical skills.

Meanwhile, over on our Secondary campus, a group of Year 9 students has launched the Podcast Club. Brimming with creativity and enthusiasm, they are gearing up to unveil their inaugural episode, promising to be the vibrant student voice of our college community.

Not to be outdone, Year 7 Science has embraced the digital realm, with students using online learning platforms to delve deeper into their studies. Through collaborative efforts on Teams, they’re exploring the intricacies of the water cycle, expressing their understanding through digital animations.

In Religion, students have been creating podcasts and movies to share inspiring stories about people in our college community, showcasing the values and achievements that make our school unique.

Looking ahead to next term, we’re anticipating the involvement of parents from both Secondary and Primary campuses in a special digital safety and wellbeing session. Following this, families will have the opportunity to engage in a Family Design Thinking Challenge, fostering creativity and teamwork across generations. More information to come.

With each new initiative, our college community continues to embrace innovation, collaboration, and creativity, fostering an environment where every student can thrive and explore their passions. We are blessed to have the creative, passionate and highly skilled expertise of Director of Digital Learning, Mrs Emily Connor leading this exceptional learning across our College.

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