College Crest

The meaning behind our crest

College Crest

The origins of the Logo are the Christian representations encompassed in the local environment. The St Mary’s College community of students, staff, families, and community friends including the Bishop of Broome, consulted for months before presenting it.  

The St Mary’s College Logo symbolises the colour of the land on which Broome is located and the blue ocean which surrounds it. 

The pearl shell displays the significance of the pearling industry for the people of Broome, including their successes and their sorrows. 

The Cross reminds us of Jesus’ death for our salvation. 

Mary, our Patron Saint, is central to our mission and is highlighted. 

We also see the Book of Knowledge at the base of the Cross – the book also takes on the shape of a bird, symbolising the Holy Spirit. 

The life of the ocean and the land as part of God’s creation are symbolised by the goanna and fish. 

The sun greatly affects our whole climate. It is a symbol of God’s glory, a symbol of the Risen Christ whose face shone as the sun at His Transfiguration. 

The college motto, Listening Hearts is based upon two verses from the Gospel of Luke: Chapter 2 Vs 19 and 51 

Depending on the translation of the Gospel used the verses might say: 

Vs19: But Mary kept all these things, and pondered them in her heart 

Vs 51: His mother kept on thinking about all that had happened.  

The motto leads the College community to Mary, and what she can teach us. Among other things Mary can lead and challenge the community to ponder, reflect and to seek a deeper meaning of what is happening in our lives as individuals and as a community. It is a powerful reflection of the rich and unique history and the multicultural identity which is the community of St Mary’s College. This motto is the very essence of St Mary’s College which encourages empathy, understanding and an openness and willingness to listen with our hearts to students, staff, families, and community.