STRIVE Extension Program

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STRIVE Extension Program

Strive Extension Program

At St Mary’s College, we are committed to nurturing the unique talents and abilities of each student through our K to 12 STRIVE Extension Program. Designed for students who demonstrate high academic capabilities or interests, the STRIVE Program offers a wealth of learning opportunities that challenge and enrich their educational journey. By catering to the individual needs and strengths of each student, our program aims to foster not only their intellectual growth but also their social and emotional development, ensuring a well-rounded and fulfilling school experience.

The STRIVE Extension Program adopts a dynamic and inclusive approach to student identification, recognising that academic abilities can manifest in various forms and at different times throughout a student’s educational journey. Our comprehensive selection process combines objective assessments with subjective evaluations to continuously identify and offer students the opportunity to participate in this enriching program.

Our STRIVE Extension Program offers a variety of tailored activities and courses, including STEAM workshops, entrepreneurship courses, art and design classes, coding and robotics, and opportunities to interact with international schools through competitions. Through a variety of engaging activities, students are encouraged to harness their strengths and develop higher-order, creative, and lateral thinking skills to tackle innovative projects and complex challenges. We focus on building 21st century skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, digital literacy, global awareness, and personal development to ensure our students are well-prepared for future challenges.

By offering a differentiated and rigorous curriculum alongside diverse extracurricular activities, the STRIVE Program prepares students for advanced studies and successful careers in their chosen fields. This approach not only broadens their learning horizons beyond standard school content but also equips them with the skills and knowledge necessary to become inspired lifelong learners and empowered global citizens. St Mary’s College gives your child the opportunity to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally in an environment dedicated to excellence and holistic development.