Faith Life

Senior School | Years 10 – 12

Faith Life

St Mary’s College Senior School is committed to fostering a vibrant and inclusive faith life for its senior school students. The school recognises the importance of spiritual development alongside academic growth and provides opportunities for students to explore and deepen their faith.

The college offers comprehensive religious education programs that aim to develop students’ understanding of their faith and its relevance in their lives. Through the curriculum, students learn about the teachings of the Catholic Church, moral values and ethical decision making.

The St Mary’s College community practices faith through their involvement in multiple Masses and liturgies. House Patrons are recognised on Feast Days, and the wider community is invited to participate in major Catholic events such as Ash Wednesday. Students are provided with the opportunity to engage in the service as readers, altar servers or part of the choir.

Should a student wish to extend their faith life further afield they may also take part in the provision of food for the vulnerable at Fr McMahon Kitchen, sing at weekend Mass and assist in the cleaning of the Our Lady Queen of Peace Cathedral. As a Catholic school, St Mary’s College nurtures the whole child, not just with the provision of quality education but also with experiences that develop a student to be a well-rounded individual who cares for themselves, others and the world we live in.

Overall, St Mary’s College is committed to nurturing the faith life of its senior school students by providing a supportive and inclusive environment where they can grow spiritually, deepen their understanding of their faith, and engage in meaningful acts of service and social justice.