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School Advisory Council

Being a member of the St Mary’s College Advisory Council is a wonderful way to get involved in our College, whether you are a parent or community member. It is an opportunity to contribute your skills and expertise in a meaningful and structured way, to help shape the future of your school.

Our dedicated members work with the Principal to enact Quality Catholic Education across the Catholic School community, as well as strategically plan for the present and future operation of the College.

The Advisory Council is comprised of the Principal, Business Manager and the Parish Priest as ex-officio members, a P & F Representative, a Parish representative, and elected community representatives.

Coby Rhatigan

Coby Rhatigan


Fr Liam Ryan

Parish Priest

Tom Gannon

Advisory Council Member

Eugenia Leslie George

Advisory Council Member

Chelsea Stewart

Advisory Council Member

Karen Dudley

Advisory Council Treasurer

Dersiree Taverner

Advisory Council Secretary

Patrick Moase

Advisory Council Chair

Amy Hyett

Business Manager