Christian Service Learning

Senior School | Years 10 – 12

Christian Service Learning

Christian Service Learning provides students with the opportunity “to develop and learn through thoughtfully organised service that: (a) is based on the Gospel imperative; (b) meets the real needs of the community; and (c) includes structured time for students to reflect on the service experience” (CECWA, 2006, p. 2). 

Christian Service Learning in Catholic schools enables students to grow from a Catholic faith perspective as people of service and justice. The Catholic school challenges students to grow in their understanding that faith is not just a personal response to God’s love but a communal response to love one another as Jesus has taught in order ‘to make the world a better place for all.’ (Mandate, 24).  

The Christian Service Learning program is a crucial way of putting the Gospel into action. Christian Service Learning is a visible demonstration of the Core Values of our school. The College places a great deal of importance on the completion of Christian Service Learning by all Senior School students. Completion of Christian Service Learning is a necessary pre-requisite in order to attend the College Ball in Year 12. Christian Service in Senior School must be completed in the community for a Not-for-Profit Organisation (eg. schools, charity, environmental groups). The College requires that students must complete a minimum of 25 hours Christian Service in Year 10 and further 25 hours in Year 11. This total will equal 50 hours as a senior school requirement. If a student completes 50 hours of Community Service, they may be eligible for an Endorsed Program through SCSA, giving them a “C” grade towards their WACE.

Senior School Students service will be monitored by the Homeroom Teacher during Year 10 and Year 11. Students must submit 25 hours that they have completed in Year 10 and 11 by Term 3 for award and monitoring purposes. Students need to record hours completed on their digitally

provided log sheet, and submit this prior to the conclusion of Term 3, Year 11. In Term 4, Year 10 and 11 students will be required to complete a reflection on what they gained and experienced while completing service. This is to be submitted by Week 3, Term 4.