Inclusive Learning

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Inclusive Learning

Inclusion ensures that all children participate meaningfully while learning and interacting in programs that acknowledge each child’s strengths and interests, so that they are supported to be active members of their community.

At St Mary’s College, we believe inclusive learning environments recognise the diverse ages, interests, preferences, abilities and learning styles of all children and can help promote children’s learning, development, and engagement; ensure a sense of belonging; and, foster positive social relationships.

All students have an equal right to an appropriate and inclusive education in the school. This includes students with different abilities and learning needs.

The Disability Standards for Education 2005 clarify the obligations of education and training providers and seek to ensure that students with disability can access and participate in education on the same basis as other students.

Catholic Education Western Australia is committed to embedding inclusive practices in all school environments for students with disability and additional needs.

Students with disability who are enrolled at St Mary’s College will experience an inclusive environment and receive assistance through a range of options including, among others:

• individualised learning plans
• access to specialised programs, resources and equipment
• small group or individual instruction
• teacher assistant support
• modified/differentiated lessons and programs of work

Students experience inclusive education when they can access and fully participate in learning, alongside their similar-aged peers, supported by reasonable adjustments and teaching strategies tailored to meet their individual needs.

Jarrayirr Buru (Our Place) is a support team who work alongside teachers and students across the primary campus. Jarrayirr Buru supports our primary campus teachers to provide an inclusive school culture that supports our students in reaching their full potential. Our school environment is organised so that student diversity can be included as a resource, seeing differences as opportunities for enriched learning.

The Jarrayirr Buru teachers, teaching assistants and classroom form one of the ways in which the school responds to individual student needs at a Tier 3 level.