Camps & Retreats

Middle School | Years 7 – 9

Camps & Retreats

The development of a student extends beyond the classroom. St Mary’s College prides itself on providing students with opportunities to apply their learning beyond the gates of our college in a range of camps and retreats. Every camp, retreat or excursion, offers your child a chance to build networks, make connections and improve interactions with their peers. Each experience allows your child to develop independence, resilience and courage.

‘Catholic schools need to provide the best apprenticeship that they can in the Christian life.’ (Bishops’ Mandate, 59).

College retreats and camps are an integral component of the life-long faith formation of our young people and form a distinctive part of Catholic schools. They recognise the individuality and dignity of each student by fostering their unique potential and spirituality.

Students in Year 7 enjoy a 3-day camp experience designed to include an exciting range of activities at Broome Camp School, including team building, problem solving and water activities. The focus of the camp is ‘friendship.’ The aim is for students to gain a greater awareness of themselves, their year group and environment, and to learn about other students on a deeper level. They build on their experiences from Term 1, developing their skills further by experiencing more challenging and demanding activities in the great outdoors.

All students are challenged to achieve the camp goals:

  1. To persevere through challenge, and to develop personal strength through the experience.
  2. To experience and become comfortable with the unknown.
  3. To learn to appreciate the importance and role of a group.
  4. To learn to take responsibility for all they do.
  5. To reinforce skills previously introduced in Term 1.
  6. To appreciate the outdoor environment away from mainstream society.