Religious Education

Senior School | Years 10 – 12

Religious Education

In this phase of a student’s academic journey, they embark on a profound exploration of faith, spirituality, and moral values. Rooted in the rich traditions of the Catholic Church, our religious education program aims to foster a deep understanding of religious teachings, encourage personal growth, and promote a sense of social responsibility.

As students enter Years 10-12, they are also entering a phase of life where they are increasingly shaping their identities, questioning the world around them, and seeking meaning and purpose. Our religious education curriculum recognises the significance of this period and offers a comprehensive framework that engages both the mind and the heart. The religious education curriculum is designed to provide our students with the tools necessary to navigate complex ethical dilemmas, understand diverse religious perspectives, and develop a strong moral compass.

As students progress into Year 11 and 12, they will have the opportunity to select courses at Foundation, General, or ATAR level depending on their chosen school pathway.

Regardless of the level chosen by students, they will delve into the core teachings of the Catholic Church, exploring topics such as the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, the sacraments, Catholic social teachings, and the foundations of Christian morality. Engaging in lively class discussions, reflective activities, and theological inquiry, students will have the opportunity to examine the relevance of these teachings to their own life, relationships, and the wider community.