Junior School | Years 1 – 6


At St Mary’s College, we after school clubs that are facilitated by our specialist teachers in the learning areas of The Arts and Science.

These activities take place during the school term and provides an opportunity for participating students to engage in regular after-school lessons.

The following activities are currently accessed by our students:

Dance Stars
The primary focus of these lessons is to learn and memorize dance routines and choreography, preparing the students for community performances such as the Shorebird Festival.

Enrolling in Dance Stars the offers numerous benefits for our students. Firstly, they experience improvements in their physical health as they actively participate in the art of dance. Additionally, this activity plays a crucial role in fostering enhanced confidence and social skills among our students. Through collaboration, teamwork, and the joy of performing together, students gain a greater sense of self-assurance and develop stronger bonds with their peers.

Dance Stars is a vibrant and enriching opportunity for our students to express themselves artistically, engage in a disciplined practice, and reap the rewards of their dedication and hard work.

Science Club
We are proud to offer a Science Club as an engaging and educational extracurricular activity for our students. The Science Club is designed to foster a love for science and provide opportunities for hands-on exploration and discovery exploring a variety of themes.

The Science Club aims to inspire students’ curiosity about the world around them and develop their interest in various scientific disciplines. It provides a platform for students to explore scientific concepts beyond the regular classroom curriculum and encourages them to actively engage in scientific inquiry.

It covers a range of exciting activities and experiments that cover different branches of science, including physics, chemistry, biology, and environmental science. Students can conduct experiments, solve problems, and participate in science-related projects that enhance their critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork skills. \

Additionally, the club organizes occasional field trips in our community to provide students with real-world exposure and practical application of scientific concepts.

The Science Club at St Mary’s College provides an inclusive and engaging environment where students can explore their scientific interests, expand their knowledge, and develop valuable skills. It aims to nurture a passion for science and inspire the next generation of scientists, innovators, and critical thinkers.

Art & Soul
We are delighted to offer an Art & Soul an art club that is a vibrant and creative extracurricular activity for our students. The Art Club provides a platform for students to express themselves artistically, explore different art forms, and cultivate their artistic skills.

The Art Club aims to foster a love for art and creativity among students while providing a supportive and collaborative environment. It encourages self-expression, artistic exploration, and the development of various art techniques and skills.

Students can engage in hands-on art projects, experiment with different materials and techniques, and learn from experienced art teachers and guest artists.

Art & Soul works towards either organizing art exhibitions or showcases within the school or participating in external community art events. These exhibitions provide students with a platform to display their artwork, share their creative vision with others, and receive recognition for their artistic achievements. The club may also focus on working on school-based projects.

Art & Soul at St Mary’s College celebrates the joy of artistic expression and nurtures the creative potential of our students. It provides a welcoming space where students can explore their artistic interests, develop their skills, and build meaningful connections with fellow artists. The Art Club embraces diversity, encourages experimentation, and inspires students to cultivate their artistic voices.

Chess Club
At St Mary’s College, we take great pride in offering a Chess Club as a stimulating and strategic extracurricular activity for our students. The Chess Club provides a platform for students to engage in the intellectually challenging game of chess, enhancing their critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills. Here is some information about our Chess Club:

The Chess Club aims to foster a love for the game of chess and promote the intellectual benefits it offers. It provides students with an opportunity to learn and improve their chess skills, engage in friendly competition, and develop strategic thinking abilities.

The Chess Club is a great pre-cursor to our Chess Tournament held annually that sees students challenging schools across the country.

The Chess Club offers a supportive and inclusive environment where students with a shared interest in chess can come together, form friendships, and engage in intellectually stimulating conversations. The club encourages students to develop critical thinking skills, analyse complex situations, and make strategic decisions while enjoying the game.