Digital Learning

Junior School | Years 1 – 6

Digital Learning

At St Mary’s College, we have embraced the enriching potential of digital learning for students in Years 1 to 6, harnessing the power of iPads to cultivate essential skills such as digital citizenship, problem-solving, and collaboration.

Our commitment to digital citizenship ensures that students develop a deep understanding of responsible and ethical technology use. Through age-appropriate lessons and discussions, we empower them to navigate the digital world safely, respecting privacy, and fostering a positive online presence.

The integration of iPads in our curriculum encourages active problem-solving among students. With access to a wide range of educational apps and interactive content, students are presented with real-world challenges that require critical thinking and creativity. They learn to analyse problems from different angles, explore innovative solutions, and adapt to various scenarios, preparing them for future complexities.

Collaboration lies at the heart of our digital learning approach. iPads facilitate seamless group projects, interactive discussions, and joint problem-solving exercises. By working together, students develop effective communication skills, learn from their peers’ diverse perspectives, and appreciate the value of teamwork.