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Our Mob

St Mary’s College Our Mob Playgroup is facilitated by the AFaFE Program, Aboriginal Families as First Educators.

The AFaFE program focuses on building the trust, skills and confidence Aboriginal parents need to develop and maintain a positive, supportive and ongoing relationship with schools. Parents participate in a facilitated playgroup that incorporate an evidence based early intervention strategy.

Engaging families with school early has been shown to impact positively on school readiness, attendance, engagement and positive outcomes for children.

The Our Mob Playgroup generally includes young children from birth to five years.

of age and their parent or caregiver. The AFaFE model requires parents to stay at the playgroup and participate in the strategies with their children, led by two Aboriginal facilitators. The strength of this model lies in how the parent and child participate in shared experiences, strengthening their relationship.

3a consists of four elements with language priority an overarching element. Language priority focuses on providing opportunities for talking, listening, and learning language.

The remaining three elements focus on enriched caregiving, conversational reading, and learning games.

The Our Mob Playgroup operates four days each week from 8:30-11:30am.