Senior School | Years 10 – 12


St Mary’s College offers a diverse range of clubs and activities to cater to various interests. These clubs offer opportunities for students to pursue their interests, develop skills, and engage with like-minded individuals who share similar passions. St Mary’s College aims to provide a well-rounded experience where students can explore their creativity, expand their horizons, and have fun while doing so.

Dungeons & Dragons Club:
The Dungeons & Dragons Club at St Mary’s College is a gathering place for students who enjoy tabletop role-playing games. Members of this club engage in collaborative storytelling, create unique characters, and embark on exciting adventures within the fantasy world of Dungeons & Dragons. They meet regularly to play and explore different campaigns, fostering creativity, strategic thinking, and teamwork.

Drama Club:
St Mary’s College Drama Club is dedicated to promoting theatrical arts and providing a platform for students interested in acting, directing, and stage production. Members of the Drama Club participate in various activities, including script readings, improvisation exercises, and full-scale productions. The club at organise rehearsals, workshops, and performances to showcase the talents of its members.

Dance Club:
The Dance Club at St Mary’s Collge is a vibrant community of dancers who come together to express themselves through movement. This club welcomes students of all skill levels and dance styles. Members can learn and practice different forms, participate in choreography sessions, and even perform at college events or competitions.

Art Club:
The Art Club at St Mary’s College provides a platform for students interested in various forms of visual arts. Whether it’s drawing, painting, sculpture, or any other art form, this club encourages creativity and self-expression.

Coding Club:
the Coding Club at St Mary’s College is for stduents passionate about computer programming and technology. This club provides a space for members to learn, collaborate, and explore different coding languages and projects.