Transitioning to Middle School

Junior School | Years 1 – 6

Transitioning to Middle School

Transitioning from primary school to middle school at St Mary’s College is an exciting and transformative journey for students. With a comprehensive orientation and transition program in place, the school ensures a smooth and seamless shift for young learners. To give students a taste of what lies ahead, St Mary’s organises an engaging Year 4 and 5 Taster Day, where they can explore the vibrant middle school environment, meet teachers, and experience the new learning opportunities that await them.

Our Year 6 students benefit from weekly learning sessions on the Secondary Campus, allowing them to familiarise themselves with the new surroundings, teachers, and facilities. This ongoing exposure builds confidence and eases the transition process for these soon-to-be middle schoolers.

St Mary’s College understands the importance of supporting students during this pivotal period, which is why they have designed a comprehensive orientation program. This program includes information sessions, school tours, and opportunities for students to connect with their future classmates, enabling them to forge friendships and create a sense of belonging even before they officially start middle school.

At St Mary’s College, the transition from primary to middle school is not just a change in classrooms but a holistic experience that sets students up for success in their educational journey.