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Follow The Dream

Follow the Dream is a strength-based academic enrichment programme managed by the Polly Farmer Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation that supports Indigenous students achieve educational and post-school pathways. In partnership with the Polly Farmer Foundation, and supported by funding partner Rio Tinto, the St Mary’s College Follow the Dream program aims to support and challenge selected students across Years 7-12 to maximise their achievements 

Follow the Dream offers opportunities for small group and individual tutoring, both after-school and in-school. In Year 9-12, Follow the Dream also offers course and career counselling, leadership development camps, visits to universities and participation in preparation courses and study skills seminars.  

The program runs each week, Tuesday to Thursday, 2.15p.m – 4.15p.m on the Secondary Campus. To stay in the program students must maintain specific attendance requirements. In Year 7, students are expected to attend Follow the Dream at least once per week. In Year 8-12, this expectation increases to at least two afternoons per week.  

There are a number of eligibility criteria that students must meet to be offered a place on the program. Students must identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander and be enrolled at St Mary’s College, Broome. The decision on a student’s capacity to be accepted on the program is based on attitude, work ethic and personal commitment to their learning. St Mary’s College staff assist in identifying those students who are aspirant and dedicated to their school studies. Students’ academic achievement in class tasks are also taken into consideration.  

The Follow the Dream program has been successfully running at St Mary’s College for 13 years and continues to benefit those students who commit to working hard to set their goals and achieve their dream. There is a particular focus on students achieving their Western Australian Certificate in Education (WACE) and transitioning successfully to post-school destinations. This may include university, TAFE, and traineeships or apprenticeships in meaningful employment. 

To find out more about the Follow the Dream program and to see if your child is eligible, please contact Lydon Mills, Follow the Dream Coordinator, or Zoe Court, Director of Academic Extension and Innovation.