Opening opportunities


St Mary’s College offers a range of scholarships to students who display commitment and motivation in the areas of learning, creativity, leadership, collaboration and community.

Catholic Scholarships


The Catholic Scholarship is an award of financial assistance to enable a student to further their education at St Mary’s College. This Scholarship has been established to ensure that all students have the opportunity to benefit from a Catholic education, regardless of a family’s capacity to meet the associated costs. The Scholarship is open to Catholic students from Year 7 to Year 10, who are either new or existing Catholic students of St Mary’s College.

Academic Scholarships


St Mary’s College encourages learning innovation and academic achievement. As part of this commitment, St Mary’s College offers the opportunity for prospective and existing families to apply for an Academic Scholarship for their child. Student will be considered based on their demonstrated academic performance and results as well as their commitment to the College values.  

Aboriginal Bursaries


St Mary’s College also has a strong commitment to working in partnership with Aboriginal people to provide assistance to increase positive life choices and help further possible career opportunities for Aboriginal youth. As part of this commitment, St Mary’s College offers the opportunity for prospective families to apply for an Aboriginal Secondary Bursary. Each year the College offers Aboriginal Bursaries to both students new to the College, and existing students. The purpose of awarding the Bursary is to recognise and reward commitment to schooling. This will be evidenced by regular attendance at school, a commitment to learning and participation in College and community activities.

2024 MADALAH Indigenous Bursaries


The College is committed to providing educational opportunities to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students from Year 7-12 by offering MADALAH Secondary Education Scholarships. MADALAH Limited is a not-for-profit organisation that offers secondary and tertiary education scholarships for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students from remote and regional communities to Western Australia’s leading schools. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students who enrol at the College for 2024, or who are already enrolled at the College can apply for these Scholarships. These Bursaries are open to Indigenous students who demonstrate commitment and motivation in areas of learning, leadership and community. It is renewable every year up to Year 12, subject to positive application and effort.