SEQTA Engage


St Mary’s College uses SEQTA engage enhance the opportunities for involvement of parents and caregivers in their child’s education.

SEQTA Engage is the ultimate parent portal for parents. It gives you, as caregivers, greater visibility into your child’s school life, allowing you to stay informed and involved in your child’s education. This includes access to a range of information, such as:

Lesson information – you can view your child’s upcoming lesson plans and curriculum, which will help you to understand what your child is learning and how you can support them at home
Homework – you can view your child’s homework assignments, including due dates and instructions, which helps you stay informed about your child’s workload, ensure that homework is completed on time and feedback is utilised
Reports and teacher feedback – you can access your child’s reports and teacher feedback, which provides valuable insight into your child’s academic progress and performance
Timetables – you can view your child’s school timetable, including class schedules and events, which helps them plan and stay informed about their child’s school schedule
Notices – you can view school notices and announcements, which keeps you informed about important school events and updates

Attendance and wellbeing information – you can view your child’s attendance records and any information related to your child’s wellbeing, which helps you stay informed about your child’s overall health and wellbeing

All assessment and feedback data – you can access all assessment data and feedback provided by the teacher, which helps you understand where your child excels and what areas need improvement
The SEQTA Engage parent portal can be accessed from any device via the web portal. SEQTA Engage is also available in a free mobile app for iOS and Android, allowing for easier access for parents and students.

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