Timetables & Booklist

Middle School | Years 7 – 9

Timetables & Booklist


See below current middle school timetable.

Period 1 commences8:00 AM
Period 2 commences8:52 AM
Homeroom commences9:44 AM
Recess Starts10:00 AM
Period 3 commences10:20 AM
Period 4 commences11:12 AM
Period 5 commences12:04 PM
Lunch starts12:56 PM
Period 6 commences1:23 PM
School Ends2:15 PM


Middle School is an exciting time for students as they learn the foundational skills to set them up for a successful future in their chosen vocation. The focus is on positive school engagement, exploration of self and academic development in preparation for Senior School. St Mary’s College supports all Middle School students by providing the required stationery, text books and other specialist resources; allowing each individual to focus on their own development.