Timetables & Booklist

Senior School | Years 10 – 12

Timetables & Booklist


See below current senior school timetable.

Period 1 commences8:00 AM
Period 2 commences8:52 AM
Homeroom commences9:44 AM
Recess Starts10:00 AM
Period 3 commences10:20 AM
Period 4 commences11:12 AM
Period 5 commences12:04 PM
Lunch starts12:56 PM
Period 6 commences1:23 PM
School Ends2:15 PM


As students move into the final phase of their high school years the ability to manage themselves and their belongings is key. Students begin to chose focus areas of curriculum that can lead to success within their chosen vocation, resulting in specialist equipment and stationery. Each student is required to purchase and provide their own stationery based on the lists below. St  Mary’s College will continue to provide text books and specialist equipment to promote positive learning and engagement.