Special Events

Engagement, collaboration, and celebration

Special Events

St Mary’s College is a hive of activity throughout the entire year. Students are provided the opportunity to participate in multiple special events, as well as take advantage of one-off experiences that present themselves. These events serve as focal points for the community to come together, fostering a sense of unity and belonging. From academic to cultural celebrations, these events offer opportunities for engagement, collaboration, and celebration. 

Harmony Day, Sorry Day, R U Ok? Day and NAIDOC Week are cherished events that celebrate cultural diversity. They showcase the richness of different heritages through food, music, dance, and art, emphasising inclusivity and promoting intercultural understanding. 

To honour parents, St Mary’s College celebrates Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, hosting heartfelt events that recognise the invaluable contributions of parents and guardians. These occasions provide an opportunity for families to bond and appreciate one another’s support. As a K-12 College St Mary’s is proud to be able to host College wide events that are inclusive to all our students, staff and families.

All these events at St Mary’s College play a vital role in bringing the community together, fostering connections, and nurturing a supportive and inclusive environment for all.