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May 29, 2024

This year we were blessed to have our Year 4 and Year 5 students from our College receive the Sacrament of First Eucharist, the body and blood of Christ for the first time, just as the Twelve Apostles did at the Last Supper. These Eucharist Masses were held on Saturday 25th May and Sunday 26th May with our students, staff, families and Our Lady Queen of Peace Parish community.

This journey commenced with a parent-child workshop led by our amazing Year 4&5 teachers, alongside Ms Keryn and Father Liam on Thursday 18th April. It was wonderful to see the engagement and learning with students and families as families were able to reaffirm and perhaps reconnect with their faith journey alongside their children. The Eucharist provides us with the strength and nourishment we need to live our daily lives and also provides us with true sustenance in the spiritual life to be able to follow Jesus and be witnesses to the Gospel, this sacrament as we journey together is a timely reminder of this sacrament strength and connection.

We joined our Parish community on Saturday 20th April for our Commitment Mass with our students and families, with Father Liam celebrating this mass for us. This mass we celebrated the gift of the Eucharist in our lives and those that sustain us in our spiritual life, our families, teachers, and each other. Students asked our Our Lady Queen of Peace Parish community to pray for them by giving our prayer cards asking for support along their sacramental journey preparation and beyond. This special commitment led by students, parents and our parishioners allowed connection with Jesus himself through the Eucharist.

Our Parish team of Father Patricio and Father Liam also offered additional Adult Faith Formation opportunities for families of students making their First Eucharist. We are blessed to have such a committed Parish team who want to journey alongside parents as partners in this faith journey. Our parents and extended families have been incredibly supportive as always and we feel extremely lucky to have such amazing partners in our families to walk alongside our students. We are grateful for the incredible team that worked tirelessly to support students and families on their journey, thanks to Miss Sarah, Miss Kim, Mr Keenan, Miss Annette, Mr Will, Miss Mariah, Miss Zoe, Mr Ethan, Miss Keryn, Father Liam and Father Patricio. What a team to support these young people, we are certainly blessed to have you them all at our College.

Our First Eucharist Masses were a celebration of students were able to participate fully in the Eucharist by receiving Holy Communion for the first time. The Church was very full of families, College staff and parishioners to support our young people. Followed by a special cake to celebrate this aspect of their sacramental journey. We are so proud of these students as they learn more about their faith journey and connection to the Eucharist. As we celebrated together, we were reminded that through the Eucharist we receive the strength to live in peace and love as members of the Body of Christ in our world. We wish our students fulfilment and hope that they continue to grow as members of God’s family.

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