CSIRO Young Future Shapers

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May 17, 2024

In a remarkable achievement, two students from St Marys College have been chosen to participate in the prestigious CSIRO Young Future Shapers program. This initiative, designed to empower young minds and foster their interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), promises to be a transformative experience for these budding innovators.

Cherry and Lei will receive personalised support tailored to their unique interests and aspirations. Whether it is exploring robotics, delving into environmental science, or diving into data analytics, the program ensures that each participant’s journey is customised to their passions.

As these two exceptional students embark on their Young Future Shapers journey, they join a community of changemakers. Their passion for STEM will not only shape their own futures but also contribute to a brighter, more innovative world for all.

Well done Cherry and Lei, our St Mary’s College community is so proud of you. What a fabulous recognition and achievement!

For more information about the Young Future Shapers program, visit www.youngfutureshapers.org. We are grateful to our incredible Director of Academic Extension and Innovation, Mrs Zoe Court for supporting our students reach for the stars and ensure these wonderful opportunities to ensure the very best for their educational pathways.

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