SMC Connect K-12 Wellbeing Framework

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January 29, 2024

In 2023 St Mary’s College Wellbeing team developed the SMC Connect K-12 Wellbeing framework to foster a comprehensive, intentional, and inclusive approach to wellbeing across the College.

The framework compliments the current Positive Behaviour Schools (PBS) model that aims to promote positive behaviours across the College. In addition, recognises and highlights our school values as our overarching guiding principles that shape our school culture. 

 To successfully implement the Wellbeing Framework a dedicated Wellbeing Committee was established consisting of St Mary’s College staff members. . As a Catholic school within CEWA the use of the framework will further commit our school to CEWA’s goal that the school “must begin from the principle that its educational program is intentionally directed to the growth of the whole person” (p.4). 

The SMC Connect K-12 Framework will exist as an overarching framework and guide for wellbeing at the College that highlights the wellbeing needs of students, the school values and the connection to the current PBS model.

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