Ethics Olympiad Engages Minds and Hearts

School News

May 27, 2024

The Ethics Olympiad competition recently drew in over 334 teams from across Australia and abroad. Among the contenders were two formidable teams representing our school, poised to tackle real-life ethical dilemmas. Students involved were Lei Yuen, Isla Sandy, Kira-Bo Rudd, Amelia Mitchell, Abdullah Khan, Abdul Khan and Nathaniel Taverner led by our incredible Director of Academic Extension and Innovation, Ms Zoe Court.

The event unfolded over a day and consisted of four heats looking at 8 ethical cases. Unlike traditional debates, the Ethics Olympiad fosters a collaborative yet competitive atmosphere where students delve into contemporary ethical dilemmas. Rather than being assigned opposing viewpoints, participants defend their convictions, showcasing their depth of thought and ethical expertise. It serves as a platform for nurturing ethical awareness and international engagement, fostering a deeper understanding of global issues and encouraging empathy-driven solutions.

Throughout the day-long competition, participants grappled with various ethical dilemmas, from environmental stewardship to social justice issues. As they engage with peers from diverse backgrounds, they emerge as competitors and ambassadors of ethical inquiry and global citizenship.

This was our first year competing in this competition and I am very proud to say that in our heat of over 30 teams, we came in the top 8, received Most Improved Team, and received Honourable Mentions from the judges. Well done St Mary’s College we are super impressed with your efforts.

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