Broome to Taiji Cultural Immersion

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May 2, 2024

What an amazing experience the recent cultural immersion programme gave 12 lucky St Mary’s College students, when they visited Taiji, Japan. Our students and staff to learned firsthand about a different culture and how to connect with people from a different part of the world. Everyone became fully immersed in the experience and gained a better understanding of a different culture and ways of life. This experience will help our students become more interculturally competent and globally aware as they enter the world beyond their schooling years.  

Blessed with beautiful spring weather and exquisite Cherry Blossom trees, we visited some of the most breathtaking shrines, temples, and landmarks in Japan, including the ancient capital of Kyoto and shopping and karaoke in the bustling metropolis of downtown Osaka. We took a ride on the famous Shinkansen (Bullet Train) to Hiroshima, where we visited the Memorial Peace Park and Museum and reverently hung our paper cranes. The area offered a poignant and powerful insight into the devastation caused by the atomic bomb in 1945. The group also loved their time on the picturesque world heritage-listed Miyajima Island and Nara.  

In addition to the incredible food experiences, and staying in traditional Japanese inns, we were also fortunate to experience ancient arts and culture such as puppetry and samurai lessons.  

Our sister town, Taiji in Wakayama, welcomed us with open arms, and we were able to attend schools and explore their beautiful town and surrounding areas. It was very evident that the people of Taiji truly value our connections and friendships.  

Beyond doubt, it was an unforgettable experience, and we hope to continue fostering our historical ties, cross-cultural understanding, and tolerance through this programme in the future. 

As a College community, we look forward to repaying the welcome to our Taiji friends when they visit Broome in early August 2024.  

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