St Mary's College Board Scholarship

The St Mary’s College Board seeks to promote opportunities for new Catholic students to enrol by providing scholarships for students in Years 5 to Year 12.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Student applicants must be Catholic and not presently enrolled at St Mary’s College.
  • The student is to have a strong desire for a Catholic education.
  • The applicant should be willing to become involved in the College’s co-curricular activities in accordance with the ethos of St Mary’s College.

Scholarship applications close on Friday 14 November 2014

Scholarship Application Form

Term 2  


The solemnities of the feast of Easter have passed but the ongoing message of Christ’s love and self-sacrifice stands. It is remembered too in the scriptural epithet or saying often inscribed on war memorials: ‘greater love hath no man than this; that he should lay his life down for his friend’. Sometimes this biblical expression is abbreviated to: Greater love hath no man … ANZAC Day recalls that supreme sacrifice made by so many. It is appropriate that the College reflects on the symbolism of the day and that as a community we do our best to live out the College prayer which in part refers to the Lord God whose spirit of wisdom dwelling in the Yawuru country may teach us... and asks that each of us respect and support others ...with a listening heart.

Principal and Staff of St Mary’s College.