The Barbier House crest was designed by student Teyha Jamieson. The predominant shape is a flame fired by the spirit. The cross is the cross design used by the Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions. The wattyl a strong representation of the OLM sisters and is found all around Broome and is designed in a dot style to represent Aboriginal people. The motto fired by the spirit reminds us to be like to be like the Sisters of Our Lady of the Mission and to let the Holy Spirit guide us in our work. The patron of Barbier House is Euphrasie Barbier, the Founder of the OLM Sisters.

The Rice House crest was designed by student Abbey Ford. The celtic cross is taken from the original Christian Brother emblem and is central to our daily lives and shows our respect for students from all directions. The vine is taken from the Oceania Edmund Rice logo which represents new life coming from the cross which gives us inspiration. The book symbolises the bible and knowledge and guides our commitment to do good works. The bright star is for guidance. The sea eagle which is our mascot signifies the Broome region, our strength, and the ability to soar to great heights. The flame represents the Holy Spirit and gives encouragement to shine. The patron of Rice House is Blessed Edmund Rice, founder of the Christian Brothers.

The O'Brien House crest was designed by student Yasmin Cypher. The pindan colour is the colour of the land of Broome and connection with the Yawuru people. The pomegranate represents the Sisters of St John of God, which is about healing and fullness of life. The seeds to scatter and representing the generous self-giving required to reach out to people in need. The Cross represents our connection with God and symbol of Christ. The patron of O’Brien House is Sr Antonio O’Brien, the pioneering sister of the Sisters of St John of God in the Kimberley and founding sister of our school.

The Ward House crest was designed by student Madeleine Christie. The hands represent the love Mary Ward carries. The dove, stands for peace and unity the Ward House. The flame, symbolises the Holy Spirit. The anchor, symbolises the strength of the House spirit. The pinctada, the pearl shell represents our Broome heritage. The patron of Ward House is Mary Ward, founder of The Loreto Sisters.

Caritas Australia’s is the Catholic Agency for International Aid and Development. It strives to* End Poverty, *Promote Justice and *Uphold Dignity.

We are grateful that the St Mary's College Community have always generously embraced the annual Lenten fundraising and awareness- raising appeal, Project Compassion, which brings together thousands of Australians in solidarity with the world's poor to help end poverty, promote justice and uphold dignity

We are so proud of our students who embrace this project with their listening hearts and who are inspired to "be more" for the sake of poor people in our world.

In the words of Pope Francis "Cultivate with love the seeds of goodness, beauty and truth that God sows in every new generation"

In addition to the many creative fundraising events planned, we have created our very own link as an easy opportunity for anyone to donate online via the web.

Donations over $2 are tax deductible and we are setting our St Mary's College goal at $2000. Two weeks left until Easter - WE CAN DO IT!