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Term 4  

Welcome to Term 4 at the College. Laja season has begun with warm days and high humidity til December when Man-gala (the wet season) starts.
This term we invite our 2018 Kindergarten and Year 7 students and families to a number of Open Days and information sessions. On Monday the 30th October our 2018 Kindergarten and ‘Our Mob’ students visit the Primary campus, with a 2018 Kindy Parent information session held on Wednesday 8th November at 5:30 pm.

Principal and Staff of St Mary’s College.


Semester 1

Term 1 Students   Monday, 2 February Thursday, 2 April
Term 2 Students   Monday, 20 April Friday, 3 July

Semester 2

Term 3 Students   Monday, 20 July Friday, 25 September
Term 4 Students   Monday, 12 October Friday, 11 December
(school concludes for students)
Friday, 18 December
(school concludes for staff)